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                 Upcoming collection
         "Energy Through Water" 

    From Artist:
"In my recent series I am using water as a medium, to show the energy flow within and around us.
    The emotions, which are appearing during live events would influence and effect us through our entire lives.
Experiencing, exploring, accepting emotions and feelings, bad or nice, help us heal, grow and evolve. 
    That's the constant flow, which give our lives the purpose". 

The Wave

Artist Intro

Magdalena's art is inspired by nature and it's beauty. 

As an artist she focus on our connection with the energy in our surroundings and within us.

Communing with nature helps people to work through hard experiences and emotions. This is something that has a special place in her heart.

The medium Magdalena use is acrylic paint and mediums. She is always exploring new techniques, which helps her find the flow within the painting process.

The paintings are showing lots of textures, build up by mediums, pallet knife or detailed brush work.

Artist passions and inspirations.

Magdalena is interested in human psychology, emotions and relations we build or experience.

She read books and articles, also taking part in workshops in order to persuade personal growth.

As she believes being more open and understanding to others reflected directly on the way we treat ourselves, helps us to explore our paths deeper and connect within.

Our mindfulness is connected to our bodies. Dance, sport and yoga or any other type of activities like walk in the nature, or time in the garden can help us to put our mind to ease.

Magdalena have quite few really personal painting's in her collection, which may seems to a little bit random at the time, but as they reflect on her personal feelings and experience they can help the viewer relate and connect with her Art Work.

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