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"Energy in Motion - Wave of... "


Acrylic Painting 36" x 28" on stretched canvas

Male Dancer. Water used as medium to show energy flow within us and what surround us.

Painting about surrender, stop resisting, get ready for new flow of energy, love, opportunities.

"Escape Jump"


Acrylic Painting 48" x 36" on stretched canvas

Unique painting. Showing getting out of situation or relationship, or from all sort of things which might hold you back. Water used as medium to show movement of surroundings.



Acrylic Painting 36" x 28" on stretched canvas

Couple Dancing , made of water pose into Infinity symbol.

I love the double meaning of it: Infinity symbol and the momentum of figures made of water, which are about to split and reconnect with the rest of the water.  

"Male Ballet"

in Blues with touch of red


Acrylic Painting 30" x 24" on stretched canvas

I love this pose and the emotional flow, which shows.

It recflects on the connection and relationship between dancers. 

I really like the diversity of the subject.

Paintwork applied in layers, so the underlying red is visible, but settled when coming through the blue shades.

"Energy in Motion"


Acrylic Painting 36" x 24" on stretched canvas

Female Dancers in different dance poses, with different state of mind and energy.

"Summer Joy"


Acrylic Painting on stretched canvas 36" x 24" 

Happy and Uplifted Dancer surrounded by flowers and warm sunlight.

This painting contains textures added by using mediums and rough brush strokes.

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